Strain Gage Force Sensors

SANtec Automation’s feed force sensors are used for process monitoring in metal cutting machine tools. They combine ruggedness with sensitivity to achieve optimal reliability and precision of the signals.
For this, they are equipped with strain gages and are available as ring or plate sensors (Feed Force Ring FFR und Feed Force Plate FFP).
Both types detect even the slightest changes in the feed force. Their position directly within the flux guarantees high signal quality and process analogy.
The sensors are used with the ARTIS Tool and Process Monitoring systems.

The advantages of SANtec feed force sensors at at glance

  • High sensitivity
  • Short linear reaction time
  • 100 % Detection of all relevant forces
  • Unaffected by temperature variations
  • Very high overload protection
  • Ideally adapted to the application

Ring sensor FFR

The ring sensors are mounted at the main or the feed spindle.
The use is also possible in non-rotating applications, e g. feed rods or fixed tool holders.
to the data sheet FFR


Plate sensor FFP

The plate sensors are mounted between the bedslide and the turret or the spindle. The measurements of the 15-mm-high plate and the mounting holes are adapted exactly to the situation in the machine.
to the data sheet FFP

Tool and Process Monitoring

The bridge amplifier BA-01 connects the sensors to the ARTIS Tool and Process Monitoring systems CTM and
Genior Modular.
to the data sheet BA-01


More information about the Tool and Process Monitoring systems from ARTIS