Autocomp Fine Boring System

The Autocomp System is intended for a wide range of automatic precision hole making operations. The system considerably increases work piece output and quality in batch and mass production.
Autocomp combines tooling with intelligent controls to offer end users extremely accurate machining at high cutting speeds using standard carbide or ceramic inserts. In addition Autocomp´s automatic tool wear compensation capability maintains work piece quality and tolerances irrespective of wear at the cutting edge.
During machining operations such as fine boring and drilling, repeatability within 1µm can be achieved. By combining roughing and finishing in a single machining cycle Autocomp eliminates the need for additional machines as well as unnecessary production stoppages.
The Autocomp System is based on modular components which can be easily installed into most metal cutting machines. Autocomp can utilize all types of modular tools thus enabling fast tool changing and re-rigging.

Autocomp performs a wide range of precision machining operations
Autocomp_produktseitePicture 1: System principle showing Autocomp main components. These can be integrated into most metallcutting machines for precision hole making operations.

System components include cutting edge adjustment mechanisms like the Tilting device and compensator as well as accessories like tools, coolant supplies and couplings.
The patented tilting device performs precision cutting edge adjustment. While the spindle is rotating the cutting edge can be radially adjusted in increments as small as 1 µm and smaller. Through the direct implementation into the NC – Control even axial form boring operations are possible (trumpet shape). Autocomp can also reposition the tool tip for the next cut, or retract it, on completion of the operation. The machine´s NC control receives the output from a post process gauge and accordingly controls the complete cutting cycle. It determines the required cutting edge position and instructs the servomotor of the compensator to carry out tool tip adjustment.